Tuesday, January 4, 2011

2011 Huh?

Godness. Its 2011 mannn! New year, new beginner. Hm Qusya, wake up my dear! Aww i've to push myself harder for this sem. Your future girl! Dont just simply blew it or u'll regret later. Keep focusing till Apr. On... erh cant remember what is the exact date the final exam ends, but only then you can have your own sweet time, Qusya. Bhaha! Yeayy! Cant wait to be homey wey! Seriously shit i miss homey fucking much. Haha cop cop! Dont keep talking itu ini bout it lah bitch. Mid term punya exam pun x lepas lagi wei. Haha! Okay okay, now i have to prepare myself for UPS, mid term exam which will start on  Jan 10th. So, wish me luck yaw! Aminn.