Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Starting all over again. New Sem in Machang

Okay, Sem 3 has started. Anotha new sem beginning. *sigh. Mood study still not coming. How eh? Lifeless nyaaaaa! No family, no lover. Loneliner. Ahaha! Rumah sewa yang baru. Again. Rasanya each sem duduk rumah lain lain kot macamni. Haha so nomad! Sooo... Week 1 just ended. And it was likeee... 'just okay!'. Now, dah masuk week 2 and we all dah start class, dah masuk syllabus. Anotha sigh here. Haha too much sighing. APTB! Stop sighing!

Okayyy, lets move forward. Nak dijadikan cerita, so last weekend we all went out to KB. Bought some stuff for self and niat nak spend sikit BB1M. Then gerak from Machang at 9 mcmtu kot, straight to Nasi Ulam sbb masing-masing je dah starved to death! What special in here is the food memang MURAH habis! And tarikan nya is IKAN KELI GORENG! Makk aihhh! If chu olls tgk ikan keli goreng dia, for sure chu olls akan terkezut! Sbb besar gila nak mati mcm giant besar dia sangat besar sangat sangat sampai rasa geli nak makan! Bhahahahaha! Coz of kebesaran ikan tu, so masing-masing share makan berdua. Makan tak perabih pun sbb overloaded. Haha then headed to KB Mall. Just bought some lotion and thermal spray jerrrrr chu olls!

Next story, move to Mydin pulekkkk. Haha disebabkan kat KB Mall td tak dapek nak spent voucher tu, sbbnya kan ada rules baru yg tah pahape tu, konon just blh guna 20% je for stationaries, so tak beli kat situ. Luckily kat Mydin blh guna that voucher W/O limits okay?! Sooo sape yg dah perabih voucher kat KB Mall tuuuu.. Chu olls rugi! Dont be jelly! Haha! Beli mcm-mcm sbb nak perabih rm50 voucher je  pun! Tu pun dah no idea nak amek barang apa nak kasi cukup rm50 tu. Rembat sajaaa! Huhu. So after that, terus gerak balik Machang back. And rest off! Zzzzzzz! K bye! :p


Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Me is so sad

Crappp! Sucha disasterrrrrrrrrrrrrr! Whats uppp! Ermmm my sem break gonna end soon. Just real soon. Hmm how come. I dont wanna go back to that little hutan there. Pleaseeee... MOMMYYYYY! I dont want... Uwaaaaaaa! (errr sorry for my gedikness) LOL! But jyeah, seriously, kinda 'berat hati' to leave homey. No more bangun at 11. No more shopping. No more suka-suka. No more no more no more everything!

Hurmm there, study is the main activity and the only activity can do. Repeating, ONLY okay? Now you get it. Nahhhhh! Luckily ive my buddies who always keep on making silly jokes to cheer up yeahh ourselves lah ofcourse! But but butt... Oppsss censored sikit. Haha but.. Before i forgot! Ive make a deal to myself that i will perform better this coming sem. Early-do-assignments, make notes. In sha Allah.. Pray for me kay guys? :) Hurmm okay lah then, i wanna cry now. Mengenang nasib sem break nak habis dah. Wuuuu~ Gonna enjoy the critical time. Lets partying baybeyhhh!!! Chiouuuu! :p


Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Ze Feb 2013 Wedd

Hell hell O guys! Sorry been MIA for err how many days. A week. Maybe. Nahhh doesn't matter at all. Yurp, soo busy with my bro wedd ceremony. Seriously exhausted. Till now terasa lagi penat tu. Body-ache. Ermm well well welll, malas nak type byk actly. So just enjoy le pictures! :p Oppps before thatttt... Theme for the pelamin is ala garden gituh. Made by the pengantin sendiri okay. Huu

Night before "the day"
Haha saja main atas pelamin with my little boys :)

On "the day"
We've candy buffet for le guest. All made by our own. Credit to my SIL

Okay, this time go for outdoor shoot with the groom and bride. But here, our pict je lah kan dpt. Le 'pengantin' already have their own photographer :)

After "the day"
 Poor us. The family. Our family. Cause only the day after the ceremony, we'd a chance to shoot for family potrait. Well yeah, on the day where the ceremony was on, like all of us superb busy with guest sampaikan takde masa nak bergambar with pengantin. So on the night after the ceremony, kitorg bergambar for family potrait. Sorry ya ppl outfit tak semenggah. Haha! We all saja shoot for family.