Sunday, March 20, 2011

I believe i can fly

Instead of doing nothing tonight, i wish i can fly to look up around the world. I wanna fly, up to the sky. Away from the shits ive done! Put your hands up if you wanna come and join me up here? Haha. Oooh while the others are busy snoring, doing their bubbles from their fuckin airliur basi, while some is having fun, enjoy their fuckin wet dream, but im all alone here doing my thangs like usual, blogging. Haihh what to do, no FB to poke peeps. DERRRR -,- Kinda sleepy na'a but not feel free to have my own wet dream now. LOL !

*shuga, sorry for staying up late, till now tak tidur lagi. I cant sleeep lah sun. Goodnight okay. Sleep tight and have your sweet dream there. Loveee <3