Wednesday, March 23, 2011

It keeps spinnin 360

Homaigossshh! I dont know what was in my head right now. Like all numbers and digits keep spinnin inside of it *like im in the club haha and i think my head gonna get boom in five! Beware! Stay away from Qusya! Or ur body will just be full with my sisa sisa otak!! Yea, sucks my brainnnnn! Yuckkkss! Grrr! HAHA! 

ProBABIlity memang babi! Damn ohh! Kenapa mesti kaw menyusahkan aku? Haihh -,- Anak-anak, study rajin rajin okay. So if yall study bout this chapter later on, xda lah rasa macam hanjing. Heaven gila kot study pasal ni. Plus chapter Permutations and Combinations. Pergh package lah! Marvellous! *giggling 

And for those yg amek SPM, i wish for your success. Hopefully yall will get good results then. And goodluck too for your future undertaking. Special for my Aien, dont get nervous okay. Chill jeh. Everything will be okay, Aminnnn :) Straight call i if u dah dapat slip nt. Chaiyok! <3