Saturday, March 26, 2011

No more, "else"!

A thousand apologies from me. Yea, ive hurt my one and only sun :( Dear sun, im sooo sorry bout that. I guess you tahu how's my feelin towards him time kitorg baru kenal tuh? I was like gila bayang sikit right? Haha but now, seriously i have nothing to do with him! 

I just wanna be with you sun. Hm im not a liar like u always said i am. Hm i sedih kot bila you cakap macam tuh. Pening i fikir mcmana i nak bg you percaya dekat i. I tahu dulu i jahat, my mom pun ada cakap kan? But bila dgn you, i realize yg i have to change myself! So now, im in that way! 

I nak betul betul rapat dgn you and i think that i can change myself bila you ada dgn i. Thats why lah now i always nak you. Ive learned soo many thangs and now i penat nak syg ramai ramai like i used to do before. And thank God, now i've you, yg betul betul i sayang. You sorang je okay :)

Im done with 'em now. What i want now is just YOU! My NOOR AIEN! Fullstop!