Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Stupid is fun *giggling


Im not the chick? Oh absolutely Yes! A big YES for me! HAHA! Now i realize. Na'aa i shouldnt no longer hold onto this kind of mess. Qusya, it'll just ruin your future. Think mature enough pleaseeee! And look for someone who truly care about yourself. Dont be silly. Open your eyes!

And now im sooo thankful cause i have HER, who care more bout myself.

Me : B, teman i k.
She : Okay, btw knp ni?
Me : Xda apa, i just nak u teman i. I ada u je k. I xnak org lain.
She : Serious tak ade apa? Ye sygg, iloveyou. Kita sama2 kay.
Me : Iloveyoutoo. Okay. I x tinggal u. And u pun jgn tinggal i k. Anything kita share sama2. Taw b taw?
She : Yeee. Okay2. (tettt...)

Bie, i sayang you okay. Thanks for everything. Ur advice, ur nagging, all your words, i keep it. I'll take a good care of yourself and i'll never hurt u okay <3