Monday, March 28, 2011

Take it as a lesson

Have you ever regret for something silly that you've did even it made you happy? I got the answer! And surely you do, right? Haha you're just such a big fat liar lah if you say, 'i dont'. Well we're just a normal person aite? So kita tak boleh nak lari dr benda benda macam ni lah.

Actually we shouldnt regret if we've made something stupid. Just look at the notes up there. Na'a we shouldn't regret for something that once made us smile. Even in the end we get hurt, but we should thank Him for made us smile even it just for a while. And maybe there's something behind all this.

You've commonly heard that, "what goes around, comes around". So dont simply blame else for all those terrible things He gave to you. Somehow, it may come from your own self. And i believe it'll make you better than the person you are before as you learned from your mistakes.