Monday, March 21, 2011

What say you??

1. coming home late and going straight to bed
       - overnight till 6am in the morn with my friend and i just fall asleep on bed as i get home :)
    2. buying amazing clothes that you found on sale
       - yea maybe i've found it, but i never feel enough for stuffs. well ladies kottt :)

3. holding hands
       - okay, frankly speaking, i do done this. besties, girlfies, ex-bfs HAHA. but now i just wanna hold your hands Aien, and i wanna hold it tight <3

     4. unexpected moments that become your favourite memories
       - all the surprises, well i think it have been the sweet memories for me that i'll never forget. thanks guys!
  5. talking on the phone until five in the morning
       - i was on the phone with somebody, dont even look at the time, fly by the sounds of him/her voice :)
  6. resting on someones chest
       - i feel so tired and i excidentally ter-lentuk on someones chest

7. taking long showers that wash away your worries
       - even i took a long showers wtv pun, there are still worries inside of me, idk -,-

8. feeling as though you finally belong somewhere
       - na'a still didnt feel that i belong somewhere right now, huhhh!

9. deciding what you want to do with your life
       - till now im not so suree what im gonna do with my own life, errrr, is it bad? help me pleaseee :(
  10. feeling satisfied after a delicious meal
       - wah feel so fulll when i eat something sooo yumm yummm! and buuurpp, im done and im good, HAHA
   11. falling asleep instantly when you're upset
       - prefer to sleep whenever im upset with thangs, it'll make me more in mood as im awake then
    12. meeting people that happen to change your life
       - i guess ive already found someone i should taking care off, she'd change myself to a better person <3
    13. when you have a great night of sleep
       - i feel safe when i have my night sleep just by her side. wanna hug hug you babyyy, awww <3
   14. drinking a cup of tea
       - feelin good when i have a cup of tea especially when im done dealing with classes

   15. realizing everything is going to be okay
       - i feel like everything will be okay as i have her to cheer my life now, hehe saranghae gf <3