Thursday, April 7, 2011

As a teenage girl, i've got a lot on my mind

I must lose weight - They said that kissing can lose weight. So gegurl, go and tell your bf you want a kiss! Haha!

Internet - Its a must! Twitter, Facebook, Skype, and wtsv :)

What should i wear - Remember girls, dont be a clown to entertain 'em!

I really hate homework - Hello, siapa yg suka homework, just keep your mouth shut, thanks, Haha!

Im hungry - Hungry? Go grab some food lah thenn, haiya.

Sigh, i really hate ---- - I hate a lot of things.

Why aren't they texting back - Sometimes we are hoping that they'll text us. But if they aren't, its maybe they're busy doing something :)

I want clothes - Girls, mmg tak pernah puas kan. Haha shop till we drop YEAY!

Urgh school tomorrow - Wanna be a fooler then? Haha!

I want to be as pretty as .... - Huhh girls must look prettayy. So girls outhere, go and makeover yourself to look stunning <3

 >///< - Make a connection?? Hihi

How should i do my hair - Ask your hairdresser aite?