Saturday, April 16, 2011

Cool Gadgets

"Come come come grab us! We're cool, we're fun, we're damn hot!"

Haha yeapp, i guess this is what'll they scream off if they do have mouth like us. Yea, this are the cool gadgets over the year. BB, FIXIE, DSLR, IPAD homaigod every people here and there want theseeee soo badly. No doubt lah kan, zaman makin maju, haha! Kayy even myself, iwantthisgadgetstobemine!! I want theseee gold version okay huh. Look at them lah wei! Cool gilerrrr! :)

Kay, now memang merata budak dah pakai BB. Yalah, tweet tweet, fesbuking herh pejadah lagi with BB. Okay, thats cool. But BB juga pernah jadi issue aite? They said that in Indonesia, no BB is allowed. Sbb nyaaa, system tak boleh detect orang yang pakai BB ni, i mean like, contoh lah kan, dorg nak bomb Indon, if they're using BB, system tak dapat track message message dorg tuh. So benda ni akan bahayakan negara dorg lah kan. But in Malaysia, dah jadi trend dah semua org pakai BB :)

Lets move on to FIXIE. Yeah ni lagi satu phenomena budak budak kat Malaysia. Guys are sooo fall-in-love with fixie nowadays. Even girls pun sama. Apa yg best sgt dgn beskal keding ni pun, err i tak tahu. *giggles. But those guys yg menunggang fixie, girls will look at you and keep talking-to-each-other, "wahh coolnya dia". Haha trust me. Wekkk facts orr -..- ? LOL.

For picture lovers, you should have one DSLR. Err nothing much to say -,- Haa but but, ada je yg konon bawa DSLR bag, tapi hampeh, kosong! Haha kan kan? Oppsss :) And ada gak yg macam nak show off sgt tuh, no need lah wei. Ramai je yg ada cam macam kaw tu okeh? :)

IPAD? Whoa for God sake, the best damn thing lah!  Lagi lagi kalau dapat yg gold one ni. Pergh marvellous! Hihi. Old version, PC. Then upgrade sikit, laptop. And now, ipad! Afterwards, tak tahu lah apa lagi kan? Maybe one day akan ada kereta terbang? WOW! Who knows. Nothing is impossible :)

*watacrap is she talkin' bout? Ahah k byee!