Friday, April 15, 2011


"Friend in need is a friend indeed"

Yes, a good friend will always by our side.
They're there to cheer us and make us laugh.
Yet, they will lean their shoulder if we want to cry.
 Sitting on the fence, play, eat, smile and laugh together.
Walk together, through the ups, through the downs of life.

But somehow, even we seems to be so close with 'em, i believe that we might just get into a small fight with friends aite? Yeahh, its a normal thing lah. Try to fix it if something doesn't turn the way it should be. Deal with it. But remember, doncha ever crossed the line. Friends, they're also human. They got feelings just like us.

*Go tell your lovey friends that you love 'em, before it's too late. Don't feel ashame to let them know you love 'em. For those who lost their friends, let us just pray for their peacefulness there.