Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Itchy Mitchy Bitchy


Me is the red one and she is the blue one, aww sweet :)

I love her smile and i love the way she make me smile. Im happy when she's happy. I love to hear the sound of her laugh. I love to hear her voice. It makes me feel sooo good and chill. She can cheer me up. Yes, her :) I love to-talk-to her. We've made a deal that we gonna share everything togetha. Nothing to hide from yerp? I tell you-you tell me, right honey?

 Btw today, she came home w/out me! Woahh salute you lah bie :) Haha yea, dia memang tak takut apa like she said to me. Haha but i percaya sikit je lah kann. Haha. Herh habis semua cerita pasal i dia dah tahu kot? Yea i guess mak dah cerita macam-macam? Kan kan b? Uh malu je. But good lah, atleast she know something bout myself -,-

Kay, i rasa like nak menangis pun ada bila dia cerita time dia nak balik tu. Ala time dia dengan my mom tu hah. Let it be our secret okay, mom, me and her. Haha serious sedih and terharu je oh. Anyway, i love you both okay. Mom, I LOVE YOU! *shout out loud. And.... You! I LOVE YOU also! *shout out loud. Im soo happy to be with her. Thanks for everything.

Herhh serious i sayang you okay. Im not lying here. I LOVE YOU trillion times <3 Hikhik.

See you soon bibi. Punggung dah gatal tak senang duduk fikir nak balik jeh. Haha! I miss you like hell by-the-way. K bye :)

*Babes, you're soo pathetic. Stop from being so annoying lah, L.