Sunday, April 10, 2011

Its all about guys

 Guys, you are sucks. You jerk. Dont you know it, LOOSER? :) Hahaha! Jangan ingat nama kaw lelaki, kaw fikir kaw dah cukup hebat? Tettt, totally wrong. Beware girls. Guys are guys. Jangan termakan dek ayat tangkap leleh dorg tuh. Hahaha! Even shuweet mana pun ayat dorg, be careful lah k. Do stalk on him or please know him well first before you make a move with 'em.

I think i am mature enough with guys. Enough with all shits they gave me, and im done with 'em. For now, i just err i wont easily fall-in-love. Yes! Pretty sure with that! Haha okay lah, thats all for this entry. I think i should stop here :)

*Btw, today is my sista's birthday! Happy birthday to her, Zalissa Zaini and may Allah bless you and have a blast life with your husband :) Cepat cepat lah sikit ber-anak. Haha <3