Sunday, April 10, 2011

Just a lil tip-off for you olls

Bring me to life :) Bring me outside. Out of here. Free from suckers and shits. I've to move on. And i've already start a new life. New me. The old me has been buried. Hahaha just wanna be with HER and burn the past. No more games. Enough. Tired of being the old me.

What i've learned is, dont be tooo tooo tooo kind to others. They might be stepping on our head somehow. I've been through this before. Thank God cause He gave me something to learn by puttin' me inside the box. But now, im out of the box :) Hihihi.

Nahhh there're sooo many gamers outhere. Cautious! We can't predict people. Maybe physically they look like the-nicest-person-on-earth, but who knows what's actually inside of 'em. Am i right? So watch your step. Mind with who you're friend with and know people around you.

 Its hurt when we get hurt is it? :)