Thursday, May 12, 2011

Gingerbread Man My Boy? Choi! :)

My fav all-of-the-time! Goshhhh, I HEART HIM! For God damn sake, he's sooo sooo soooo adorable. He's cute. He's fun. What else? He got package! Will u marry me, boy? Haha aiyakk! Terlebih sudah. Enough Qusya! Geeezz. Kimberly and Adam are so blind! He's got talent right? Why dont you guys gave him gold stars? Grr -____- Poor him. But dont give up man! Come back next year! Make sure that yea?? I love chu! Haha :)

They've been my fav too. Enjoy myself when im watching it. Felt like wanna dance along. And my head keep going up and down by the beat especially when the hindustan-part. Whoa awesome! Look at Ashley himself. Look like he's enjoying their performance ain't i? Cool mannn! :) And fuhh, they've got three gold stars if im not mistaken. The most important thing u have to know is they succeed to go to the next round YEAYYY! Hm how i wish i could dance like 'em! -..-