Monday, July 18, 2011


 Peepsie doo bee doo! Im back, once again im back here! Haha. How you doing there peeps? Is all been good lately? I hope so. Im fine here. In good condition. Pretty much good :) No worries babeyh! Hehe. So today, tak macam routine biasa, today bangun awal yeay! Like im already awake at 7.15 huhh. Mmg liat lah nak bangun. But i have to bangun jugak. The reason is sbb menggedik nak ikut parents and my aunts pegi tgk Pasar Kambing. Haha sounds silly is it? Ngee at first dengar pun like, "what the ...? pasar kambing? jual kambing ke doh?" Haha only then baru tahu mana datang nama tu. Okay, but nothing shot me up there.

Then balik rumah, macam biasa tengok tv and spent time with her even on the phone je. Jadi lahh kan. Hee :) And here i come! Thats all for now i think. See you tomorrow babyyy. Its time to get otp and talking shits with her!! Hoho. Gnight. Choww!