Sunday, October 2, 2011

Forever You, Boo

Yeah, Thank God! I got a gift! Special gift! Who's that chick, lalala :) Sweety, thanks for the gift okay? I loike it so much bebeh! Actually its been a long time I got this gift, tapi cause of tak menyempat je nak update blog, thats why lah baru update now. Hee :)

Hmm andd... There's so much time we spent togetha lately, is it hun? Almost every day in a week, we were togetha. I am so happy with my life now. You did a supergreat job buddy! Please be nice foreva? *finger crossed. Tehee. My baby will surely be there for me as i do need her all the time around me. Definitely my love wont be fade. Keep that baby! Ill remind u always :)