Wednesday, October 26, 2011

HB to me!

14th & 15th Oct 2011 - We're away to Melaka :)

Celebration of my birthday. Thanks for the 'HOLIDAY' sunny. Me enjoy it so much! River Cruise? Hell yeahh! So suweeet. Tapi tapi, ada yg potong stim -..- Menyampah tokkk :) Haha even 2 days je kat situ, but YOU got me dear! <3

15th Oct - 1200 am

She lighted up the candle. 2 pieces cake je ada. Sbb just two of us je kan. Actly we got 3, but she dropped the other one. Haihhh syg syg :)

I got this :) Thanks darly

sticky candy *credit to erin :) thanks babe

What a sweet celebration for me & you :) Thanks for everything boo