Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Hello Niggas!

Novembaaaa, here i come! Hmmm seems like time flies so fast huh. In a blink of an eye, its already November. Next month, December. Then welcome 2012! Aishiooo -,- Lot of things happened during the year of two O one one. Sadness, happiness, all mix up in there. Greatfully, this year brings a lot of happiness in me. Cause i got youuuu! I got youuu baby! Got got got youuuuuu! Lalala, LOL :-D She bring me to a whole nother level :) Yes, you BABY! <3 I love you mush mush, hee.

Even i seems so happy, but sometimes im drowned. Drown in life. But yeah, i know. Life also couldn't be so perfect isn't it? Just like us, PEOPLE. Sometimes we're on top and suddenly we could fall to the bottom. This is what we called life right fellas? :) Normal lahhh. 'As long as we can laugh with it, we can live with it'. Hmm can be accepted lah this quote kan? Huu.

Ryte, will be back soon. Keep waitin kayh for my next entrayyy. It won't be long (Y) I promise you fellas! :)