Friday, December 9, 2011

Talking December

Well well well! Its Dizembah lah uollsss! Dizembah comes soo fast. Fast and furious. Hurmm kejap betul masa berlalu. When its Jan, Keep sigh-ing, 'lamanya lahh nak tunggu hujung tahun'. But when the times ticking, 'kejap je dah bulan blablabla'. When its almost end, 'cepatnya masa ni, dah bulan 12 dah'. Hahaha kan kan kan? That's people! Me also like that lerrr.

Btw im soooooooo real-real-real-ly excited for the coming 2012! New Yearr! Dum dumm! Whats on plan is THE VACAY! Dearrr, we've to plan out from now on! What's our destination next! Keke. Tak sabar! Hope everything will running smooth :) Aminnnnn.