Thursday, January 5, 2012

2012 doing their job!

Guys! I guess its not too late for me to wish yall happy new year right? Soo.. HAPPY NEW YAHHH! Urghh too much stuff to handle sampaikan nak onl update blog pun tak sempat kot. Haha *poyo jee takk :) Urmm lets start a new brand life since its 2012! Okayy, im changed! To a much better person lah ofcourse. Blackpast of my life, i'd been dumped em! Shuhhhhhhh! And yeahh, my wish yaa, sempena this sweet 2012, i wanna live happily ever after with my family and also my lovette! And and and... Bila further study nt, i must give my best shot on my study! No more playing and joking around, Qusya! Take note okay?

Uhhhh! Freakin scared actly to move along this year. Yeay, well.. We wont know what'll happen next is it? Hopefully the thing that i'm most terrified is, it wont happen! Finger crossed and pray. Huhhh!

Btw, today i am soo not in mood lah. Idk why :( Banyak sgt bad news kot. Hehh. Sorry my dear.. But right now, di saat saya menulis isi blog ni, saya nak awak tahu, saya sayangkan awak sangat. *cehh xda kena mengena dgn jalan cerita, LOL ;D  but i meant it okay?! Huu.. Takdelah, actly nak bgtahu je, time saya type entry ni, mood saya dah kembali okayy, sbb awak always ada, teman saya, and time ni pun sedang msg dgn awak. So i got my mood back! Hell yeahhh! :)