Monday, March 12, 2012

First Anny ♥

Yesss, gamba ni is our first date even ada someone else time ni. Tu tak kisah lah kan. Huu. 12 March 2011, Sunway Pyramid.

And today, 12 March 2012. This means much to US! Happy Anniversary, Lovette. Happy Sweet 1 Year! In a blink, nahhh kejap je kan dah one year. Macam tak sangka pulak. Hee. Banyak yg kita dah face together. Lots kan bie? Tp Alhamdulillah, relation kita still bertahan until now. Thank God. And hopefully, this'll be last! Happy ever after! Macam Cinderella story. Huu sweet je. I love you till death! Kita hidup sama okayy? And yes, i wanna be someone special in your life. Like you said, tak pernah ada org sayang b mcm syg sayang b. Seriously im touched! Thats what i want! I just love you the most! My love towards you is abstract. Uncountable! I love you just as much as i can! Btw for our anny celebration, mcm yg kita plan kan bie? Doa-doa everythings gonna be okay, like we've plan. So... Again, Happy 1st Anniversary, Sweetheart