Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Full Time Lover

This time I wanna share bout the person that always there for me. Yeahh she is, i mean this girl, Noor Aien. Hehe soo inlove with her. She's like my superhero man! She is superb. She do all the things, she was there for me, she was here for me, she did that, she did this, so proud calling her my girl! We do lotsa things together and i never get bored of her. Like i always needed her to do all the things lah. Sucha perfect combination of you and me. Huhu lemme describe a bit bout her since dah lama gilos didnt talk bout her aite. Hoho. These days, me is getting better and just foine with her. She taking care of me. Kinda keras kepala but me still love you babeyh! Memang sometimes akan bergaduh, not deny it lah kan, but we'll finda way to solve it and last-last akan baik juga. Sorry Sweety kalau kadang kita gaduh tu disebabkan myself. I wont leave you, not even a second, and that is my promise! Please promise me, you wont leave me too even if the sky is falling down, Honey? Right honey? I hope you do so :) There's soo much if i wanna talk everything bout chu. I guess the space itself takkan muat nak cerita pasal awk Love. So, the most important thing here is, me love you forever sweety. Just let us be us and dont let anything ruin us. Huu mwahhxxx! Im just so happy you take me and make me as your love. Im the luckiest girl eva to have you! I will hold you tight in my arms and never let you go!


Just please dont go. Stay with me. Hold my hand and i'll hold yours forever. Be with me and be my full time lover!