Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Qusya-here-again :)

Oh hello earthlings! Seems like its been almost a year i left my blog. ALMOST. Gosh such a long time isn't it? Guess i should start to write again.. and again.. and againnn.. since now we've changing year. Yeah, just in a blink, 2012 have doing its job and now 2013 take turn. And that is why i guess i should be an active blogger again. No matter how busy i am, i'll try my best to update my blog and try not to leave it okay. Pls jgn merajuk okay bloggie. Mummy loves you, mwahx! Hewhew. There's sooooo many much much many uhhh cant count by hands how many stories i wanna share here! My life's been better since there is someone who is willing to be always by my side, 24/7 be my guardian, taking care of me. Im so proud of her! Thanks for being here with me Dear. You mean everything to me!

Just keep yourself update with my next entries and hope you'll never get bored cause fucking much stories i'll share with youuuuuuuuuuuuuu! Haha just wait for it okay babies. Enough for this. Daaaaaa..