Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Daily routine -,-

Wake up from bed-Brush my teeth-Shower-Get dress-Class-Eat-Study-Sleep!
Huh its my daily routine in here, KMM. Such a boring routine right bloggers? Hm. Nahh lucky it just only for a year. And now, it almost 7 months oready, fuhhhh. Just a lil bit more Qusya. Be patient yeay, Ahaha! But wait! Qusya, where is your 'azam' for taknak balik every week neh? Haha seems like you slalu balik je weh. Apa cerr. Haha oopss! Sorry, Qusya tak sengaja nak balik. Suddenly i dah dalam bus, on my way home. Haha! Yeahh yeahh! After UPS, mesti kena kurangkan balik and other activity okay? For your FUTURE Qusya! Herhh. Okay, i MUST! Dont you get it Qusya?