Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Why must such of this thang happened?

 For:   "HER"
Its too much. Im suffering babe. Pleasee lah. Dont act like a kid boleh tak? I know i was wrong too. But dont be soo hard on it. Try to ask yourself too. Is it wrong for me to be friend with anybody? Seriously i dont know that she's your partner. Apologise for that. I bukan ada niat nak flirt dgn dia or wtv. I just nak berkawan. Yeahh, i tahu how you feel bout that, but faham lah sikit. "KAWAN" kot. Bukan couple right. Hm. Idk. Taknak lah fikir sangat. Sbb u pun ada bgtahu i bout her. So okay lah, i tak berkawan dengan dia for OUR good.

P/S;   Its been a long time that i wanna let u know. I sayang you. Its hard for me to say it before sbb i tak boleh terima u yg baru. Sorry.