Thursday, December 23, 2010

Inheritance; O+ Bloody

Today we've been doing an experiment on inheritance. Okay, Qusya was :
  • Dominant nose which is straight nose
  • Dominant for earlobe which is free earlobe
  • Dominant for tongue rolling as i can roll my tongue into "U" shape
  • Recessive for dimple; i dont have a dimple :(
  • Dominant for right handed characteristic
  • Dominant for hitch hiker thumb (can bend thumb at 60% angle)
 ABO Blood Group Inheritance

Ooooh at first, i was scared to do this experiment as we all have to prick our MIDDLE FINGER weh using a lancet. Its like a needle lahh kan. Hoish i was excused; do it later where i've been the last person to prick finger in my group. Seriously i takut gileeee. Haha. My group partner: Kashfi, Intan and Iza. I have to do then as they all have been test it and their blood group was identified. Yeah i was excited to know what is my blood group as i never go for a check up to identify my blood group. Ahaha! You know what? I was hiding behind Intan as she'd been my pricker, haha. Lahh only then i know how that prick was. Macam kena gigit semut je lahhh. Haha no point menjerit bagai nak gila before prick tadi. Haha Qusya Qusya. Yeahh, after the test, Kashfi, Intan and Iza was in the same blood group as they all have the same bloody, A+ while im the only one with O+ bloody. Ohh maannnn. Kenapa lain ni? Haha nak sama boleh tak? :)

*Doctor wannabe :) Haha