Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Waiting for the end, fighting for final

Hush husshhh. One, two, three, four, tettt, i guess i still have two weeks more in Malacca. After the two weeks, after i've push myself shoooo hard, answer all the shits given, with sweat all over my body, with my hands, shaking, only then i can proudly say byebye to Malacca. BYE Malacca, BYE BYE BYEEEE! *Shout out loud, HAHA! Awayyyy and yeayy! The moment i've been waitin fer finally comes to the end. Games over <3 Awww kihkih. Bergunung angan-angan nak buat bila cuti nanti. But when the time was in, haha trust me, angan-angan tah ke mana, i tah ke mana -,- 

Btw the most important angan-angan is NAK KILIJA wei! Geez, qusya kerja? Haha sounds stupid there! LOL! *hahahaha cant stop giggling at myself :-p Okay enough! What people say, "cari pengalaman, derrrr". Plus $$$$$$ en en? :) Wahh masyukkk, haha! Suddenly terbayang, how'll i look like if i kerja nt? Haha for sure, me look like a looser, silly girl. Ahh like i care >.< Grr okay okay, done Qusya done. Nonsense lah -..-

Alright then. Hurm second angan-angan is nak pergi vacay with my BIBI <3 Hihi yg ni hopefully bukan angan-angan lahhh. Okay sygg, i nak spend time dgn you okay cuti ni :) Lets do some sweet things togetha? What say you? *finger crossed