Monday, April 4, 2011

Tunes of life

Is there a need to hurt your "BEST" friend even she/he doesn't hurt you at all???

 Damn! Don't be a whore please wei.

Okay, my life in Matric was soooo *idk what to say. Errr -..- Sometimes it might just be as sweet as you but somehow it might be the baddest thing ever too. Being here for bout one years, i think ive learned sooo many thangs especially i got to know the melody of US, as a human being. Some of us like to pretend that we know everything, some like to be such an egoistic slut, some could be sarcasm, some like to criticize others w/out look at her/himself first, some was sooo annoying, some like to be err what we called em, "bajet bagus hah".

But remember, we'll not always be on top. Life is like a circle. There's a time we'll be on top and there's a time where we'll be at the bottom. Only then we know how small the world is. So faggots, behave yourself pleaseee. Dont be too freakin' obsessed with the games of world. You could be a LOSER somehow. Dont like to talk others shit too much, yet they could give you shit too!