Monday, April 4, 2011

World War-3 is coming!

Okay, lemme tell you something. Now is the WEEK OF STUDY for matric's students. Final is fuckin closer. On 11 Apr, we're gonna seat for final, and damn! The scary thang is 'bout to come and face us! Homaigod! Help us. Pray for us :) And we've to stay up late, till 2 to 3 am just to do some revision. And ada yg tidur pun dgn buku. Wei gua takut lahh! *..* Haihh -..- Woke up, eyebag xpayah cakap lah, memang akan ada punya. Haha normal :) Aww thats cute aite? Grr btw, for those who gonna seat for PSPM II, i wish you, ALL DA BEST and GOODLUCK yeay babes <3