Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Me is so sad

Crappp! Sucha disasterrrrrrrrrrrrrr! Whats uppp! Ermmm my sem break gonna end soon. Just real soon. Hmm how come. I dont wanna go back to that little hutan there. Pleaseeee... MOMMYYYYY! I dont want... Uwaaaaaaa! (errr sorry for my gedikness) LOL! But jyeah, seriously, kinda 'berat hati' to leave homey. No more bangun at 11. No more shopping. No more suka-suka. No more no more no more everything!

Hurmm there, study is the main activity and the only activity can do. Repeating, ONLY okay? Now you get it. Nahhhhh! Luckily ive my buddies who always keep on making silly jokes to cheer up yeahh ourselves lah ofcourse! But but butt... Oppsss censored sikit. Haha but.. Before i forgot! Ive make a deal to myself that i will perform better this coming sem. Early-do-assignments, make notes. In sha Allah.. Pray for me kay guys? :) Hurmm okay lah then, i wanna cry now. Mengenang nasib sem break nak habis dah. Wuuuu~ Gonna enjoy the critical time. Lets partying baybeyhhh!!! Chiouuuu! :p