Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Ze Feb 2013 Wedd

Hell hell O guys! Sorry been MIA for err how many days. A week. Maybe. Nahhh doesn't matter at all. Yurp, soo busy with my bro wedd ceremony. Seriously exhausted. Till now terasa lagi penat tu. Body-ache. Ermm well well welll, malas nak type byk actly. So just enjoy le pictures! :p Oppps before thatttt... Theme for the pelamin is ala garden gituh. Made by the pengantin sendiri okay. Huu

Night before "the day"
Haha saja main atas pelamin with my little boys :)

On "the day"
We've candy buffet for le guest. All made by our own. Credit to my SIL

Okay, this time go for outdoor shoot with the groom and bride. But here, our pict je lah kan dpt. Le 'pengantin' already have their own photographer :)

After "the day"
 Poor us. The family. Our family. Cause only the day after the ceremony, we'd a chance to shoot for family potrait. Well yeah, on the day where the ceremony was on, like all of us superb busy with guest sampaikan takde masa nak bergambar with pengantin. So on the night after the ceremony, kitorg bergambar for family potrait. Sorry ya ppl outfit tak semenggah. Haha! We all saja shoot for family.